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Someone Who Needed Hope

March 11th, 2019

After reading The Disciplemaking Challenge I thought about the question, am I being led? If so how? I felt I needed more time to be led by Jesus before I stepped out for the challenge that week. I was encouraged, but felt I needed to retreat for a little bit. The week went on.

Even in the realization that this is where I am at, I decided to ask the Lord to show me an opportunity to be an influence for him on that day. In his kindness and fatherly love for me he said come and go with me today and I will teach you.

And so it happened. A young woman needed a friend. Someone who could hear her story and not recoil, would not reject, would not leave, would not simply refer her to an entity but someone to love her now, in that moment.  It was orchestrated perfectly. She was sitting alone and looked lost. I approached her and we ended up going to breakfast. I listened to her heart-breaking story and shared a little of mine. I told her of all he had done for me and the hope I have in him even now in another season of unsettling changes. I told her of the trust we can have in God  keeping his promises to those that belong to him, about the mercy he has for those that cry out to him and how he remakes our hearts if we will only let him.

It turned out that this woman was selling her body for a roof over her head. She was sitting alone in church, and if I had not said my sincere, but weak prayer to God maybe she wouldn’t have had someone to share hope with her that day. It’s amazing how even in our hesitations we can count on God to take us up on our offer. I’m glad that week I took the small step to help someone along in their journey.

I encourage you not to make this thing too complicated. You may not know whats after the first step, but that’s okay because God only calls us to be faithful to Him. Sometimes being faithful means the first step is the only one revealed to us.