Are You Infected Yet?

What do we give our those we are influencing?

If we are going to make disciples then we need to make sure we give them the true Jesus.

Jesus says that He is the Way, the Truth, the Life – John 14:6

What does that Life look like? We obviously make disciples by giving them the Word. The words of Jesus is Spirit and is Life – John 6:63

If we give people a watered down version of anything Jesus said, it will have the opposite effect of what we are aiming for.

As a young man I struggled living in victory. I struggled and eventually realized that I need to accept His Word and not try to serve God on my terms. Then my life radically changed. The Kingdom of God is either “All in or all out.”

To explain let me use the example of leaven. In Matthew 13:33 Jesus says: The kingdom of heaven is like leaven which a woman took and hid in three measure of meal, till the whole lump was leavened.

Leaven has the ability to influence the whole lump. If the Kingdom is like leaven, it is just logical that the Kingdom will influence you wholly given the time, just like leaven would do with dough given the time. If there is something wrong with the leaven, the dough stays unaffected and the bread will be a failure.

The kingdom is like leaven. To illustrate my point let me use the example of an Ebola Virus.

Once you inject the Ebola Virus into someone, their fate is sealed. It might take time but they eventually die. They were infected with the real thing.

If I take that same virus and I kill it, and then inject it into a person, they are inoculated. The virus is present, but it has no ability to kill anymore. Now the body recognizes the virus and builds up an immune system against it. So next time the real virus shows up, they can fight against it and stay alive.

The point I am making is this. If we kill the Gospel with our traditions and water it down with false grace, when people get it they receive an inoculation against the real thing. They build up an immunity against the real thing, the true Kingdom message.

The Kingdom was meant to influence you and kill your flesh. Only the real version can do that. Receive the real deal and have your fate sealed. The Kingdom was never meant to be an inoculation.

You can only give away what you have received. Did you get the real deal? Are you called to die to self and make disciples that do the same?

Let’s give them what the Word is and does. Give them Jesus.

The Challenge: Are there places in your walk where you feel you have been inoculated instead of infected? If so, ask someone you trust to pray with you this week to receive the true Kingdom of God.