Who Shares Your Space?

This week I want to share a story from one of our readers. I love his faith. He saw an opportunity and stepped out. It wasn’t a planned or scripted endeavor. For him it was just a small step in the daily grind of his everyday life. Continue on to hear how God is working through conversations about the resurrection and through prayer for physical healing.

I got to meet a man from The States tonight in a coffee shop in Southeast Asia. I asked if I could sit with him because that's where the comfiest chairs are. He said yes, and we got to talking. He told me he used to be a christian and even believed in other religions at various times, but now he does not adhere to any particular belief system; he has since decided to go with his own brand because he believes in a transcendent being or force that's out of this world, but doubts that we as mere humans are able to understand or make sense of such a grand entity.

I got to share with him some of my own story, as well as some of the study I've been doing on the evidence for Jesus' resurrection. He was very kind and even asked if he could pay for my tea. It turns out that he was in the same exact spot the day before and had a long conversation with a local about God, who I think he said was a christian also, but I don't remember exactly. Anyway, the reason he is staying at the hotel here is because it's beside the hospital where he's getting his back checked out. He's hopeful that he won't need surgery, but the problem is deep seated from years upon years working long hours at a desk job, which made it hard for him to have sound posture in his back. He let me lay hands on him and pray for his back to be healed. We also exchanged emails in case we want to stay in touch, which he offered not me! So cool. I think I'll be hearing from him soon. If not, I can still reach out to him and remember him in prayer.

God is so awesome! All I did was be open and share about my own life. It is really a blessing to my own soul to share Jesus, even though the aim is to bless others with his message.

Most of us have someone with whom we share space. For this reader it was a man traveling through Asia who happened to frequent the same coffee shop.

The Challenge: Pray, think, and reflect on who is that one person in your life with whom you share space. There might even be a person right now that comes to mind. This week press pause on the daily grind and share what you know about Jesus. You don’t have to have the perfect words or the answers to all the questions. All you need is to take one small step and begin the conversation.

Yours in the journey,

Jordan Bergren